Catching People Doing Something “Right”

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What is a High Performing Team ?

  1. Is it a team which exceeds all goals say by 20% ? Sets a benchmark for others to follow ?
  2. Is it a team who is highly engaged and comes up with innovative ways to exceed the goals as well as designs sustainable solutions ?
  3. Is it a team where team members help each other out irrespective of their specific roles to meet the objectives laid out ?
  4. All of the above or none of the above?

This sounds like an intro to Team Building Gyaan – doesn’t it ?

I don’t claim to be an expert so its best that I stick to only questions this time and let you think and reflect – there are no right or wrong answers as you know. I hope it triggers some thoughts and you will be able to find your own path.

Three broad elements I think which come to my mind first to build a High Performing Team from a  Leader’s perspective. Only suggestion – don’t move to the next question till you give it a thought…

­­1st Element – Environment :

  • Do you think your job is to provide solutions and if you don’t, will you lose the significance of your position?
  • Do you allow your team members to make mistakes and fail?
  • Do you encourage learning ? When was the last time you gifted a good book , shared an article /video with your team which will help them to grow ? Your job does not end with sharing – have you ever gone back to them and got to understand what they thought about the book, article or video and understand their perspective ?
  • Do you focus on catching your team members when they are doing something “right” ? or is usually catch them when they have done something “wrong”?
  • Physical aspects are important too : Does your team have all the  tools , machines ,       infrastructure necessary to perform their job well ?

2nd Element  – Trust

  • Does your team trust you ? Tricky question to answer. If you think you have the answer, great. If not, one question that may be help you – when was the last time you discussed your own weakness with your team or when was the last time you did something for them without expecting any return? I mean Absolutely – no return.
  • Do you consider yourself as the leader of the organization or the leader of your team? They are not, should not and cannot be the same.

3rd Element – Engagement

  • Do you focus on developing your team member’s strength or spend a lot of time fixing their weaknesses? Is developing your team even on your agenda ? I would not blame you if it isn’t because frankly , it is not in your KRA’s .(in most cases)
  • Does your team realize the significance of the work they do in the larger context? In short, how do they perceie their job – do they think they are laying bricks or building a mansion ?

High Performing Team is a result , its an output . It’s a journey that few leaders take , only those who want the team to succeed even after they have gone.

Can I request for something specific this week ? Go ahead and do one thing for your team members without expecting anything in return – buy them their favourite book ,  catch them when they are doing something right – or any aspect that your think is worthwhile from the article !

Let the magic unfold !

Happy Exploring !

Shaju Nair

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